Director’s Corner

We Are…GWTA Strong!

GWTA Director Don WillisThis is my first Director’s Corner since joining the GWTA family. After six months as assistant to retiring Director Fred Fontana, and two months as Director I can confidently say that We Are… GWTA Strong! There is strength in our purpose, strength in our organization, and most importantly, strength in our people. We are strong in so many ways.

GWTA has an enduring purpose. We are here because we believe that all people should have opportunities to connect with their community and enjoy equal opportunity to prosper and to grow. We provide people with a path to independence, to better health care, to a good meal and social interactions. Our quality of life and our future are stronger because we are here to help make those connections. I enjoy coming to work every day because I know what we do makes a difference.

GWTA has built a firm foundation over the last several years. All good things need a strong foundation if they are to stand the test of time. Our Board of Directors, our many community partners, and our co-workers care about what we do and support our success. I have found GWTA’s foundation to be solid and ready for the future. The organization is strong.

When we say “We Are GWTA” we mean more than purpose and organization, we mean people. Our people are strong. I have seen many examples, but the resilience that our people have shown through dealing with Hurricane Florence made very clear the strength of the people in our community. I saw people coming together with wisdom and planning to be prepared for a natural disaster. I saw service and sacrifice in the aftermath. Our people came to work in the midst of the storm to make sure that our neighbors were safe. Not because they had to, because they cared. Many of our people experienced losses of their own, and still they came to help. We provided 450 trips during and just after Hurricane Florence. Trips to shelters, to dialysis, trips through wind and rain and flooding. Critical connections were made for people in need. What an amazing community of people!

Thank you for letting me be part of this family. I am excited for the future, and I look forward to working side by side with such resilient people, building a stronger organization to accomplish a worthy purpose. I am proud to say, We Are…GWTA Strong!

Don C. Willis
Director, GWTA