How Did We Do?

GWTA DirectorThe results are in! Thank you to all the van and bus passengers that participated in our first annual customer satisfaction survey. We learned a lot. Some information was expected, and some was surprising. Much information was a validation of our efforts to rebrand GWTA. All of the information will be helpful in improving the GWTA service.

Customer satisfaction is different to many people. For GWTA and for me, the most significant aspects of customer satisfaction are safety, cleanliness, on time performance, and courtesy. Safety is by far the most important. The results show that 93% of the van riders and 96% of the bus riders feel safe. We commend the drivers and trainers for practicing what we preach. There are no short cuts in safety. Please feel free to let me know if you see any driver performing an unsafe act.

Cleanliness is also an emphasis area for us. We understand the importance of having a clean vehicle for your trip, and we are pleased with the survey results we received. 96% of the van passengers were satisfied or very satisfied with the cleanliness of the vehicles. The number was 86% for the bus riders. Thanks go to our maintenance staff and drivers for working hard to keep the vehicles clean.

The results for on time performance were not surprising. 89% of the van riders were satisfied or very satisfied. This number drops to 57% on the bus side. Delays are often caused by traffic congestion or weather. However, improvements can be made by making sure the dispatcher releases the buses quickly when all of them are loaded and the drivers are in their seats ready to go. You should see continued improvement in this area.

The fourth area is driver courtesy. Both the van and bus drivers scored well in this area. 97% for the van drivers and 82% for the bus drivers. There is always room for improvement here as well. A simple smile and a little help to a passenger costs nothing, but may be the highlight of their day.

Finally, the bus passengers have asked for more assistance from the staff, both on the phone and at the transfer center. The dispatchers are being trained to give out more schedule information whenever possible. Management staff will be available each time buses are loading and unloading.

Keep sharing your opinions with us! Remember, GWTA is your transit system.

Thank you.

Fred Fontana
Director, GWTA