The Results Are In, Again

GWTA DirectorThank you to all the van and bus passengers who participated in our second annual customer satisfaction survey. Like last year, we continue to learn a lot. In some areas, GWTA improved. In others, we have learned that we need to step up our game. In either event, it is necessary that we listen and respond to your concerns and comments, whether they are good or bad or somewhere in between.

GWTA has always emphasized safety. The survey results recognize our efforts. 93% of the van riders and 97% of the bus riders feel safe on the vehicles. These results are almost identical to last year’s. One area that GWTA will be working on with the City of Goldsboro is safety at the bus stops. Only 75% of the bus riders feel safe at the stops, down from 79% last year.

Courtesy is another emphasis area for GWTA. The bus drivers have shown a large improvement. Satisfaction increased from 82% to 88%. Van drivers continue to provide excellent customer service, as that satisfaction rate inched up from 97% to 98%. Customer service efforts are also paying off. Our transit staff helpfulness has increased from 81% to 87%.

You told us that the vans, buses, and transfer center are clean. 99% of the van riders and 89% of the bus riders were satisfied with the cleanliness of the vehicles. 96% of the riders were satisfied with the cleanliness of the transfer center. All these numbers are comparable to last year.

We still have a way to go in some areas. Our biggest challenge continues to be on time performance of the buses, particularly, in the afternoon.

We will be counting ridership from each bus stop in April. We will use this information to consider some route changes that might help reduce the lateness of the buses. We will also use the information to determine where additional bus shelters and benches are needed.

Please continue to let us know what we need to do to make your GWTA service the best it can be!

Thank you.

Fred Fontana
Director, GWTA