Time for Thanks and Giving

GWTA DirectorWhen most people think about Thanksgiving often their first thought is about the large gathering of family and friends around the dinner table. Another thought may be about an afternoon and evening watching football. Still a third group may recall their childhood, and adulthood for a lot of us, enjoying the Macy’s Parade.

While all three share the same memories of happy times, let’s take a moment to separate Thanksgiving into two words, thanks and giving. GWTA has many people to thank. Thank you to our loyal customers who ride the buses and vans whether it’s every day or just occasionally. Thank you to our employees who provide safe and courteous service to our passengers. Thank you to our military men and women who risk their lives in order for us to enjoy our freedom. Thank you to our government officials who make wise decisions on funding our operation. Thank you to our teachers who are educating our future leaders. Thank you to the general public, who may or may not ride the service, but willingly allow their tax dollars to continue serving our neighbors who rely on GWTA to get to work, school, medical appointments, or a nutritious meal.

The word giving also deserves special recognition. GWTA is thankful for all the individuals giving of their time to assist our disabled and elderly to and from their appointments. The caregivers often provide this service on a daily basis without any acknowledgement or compensation.

So, as we sit back and enjoy the holiday, think about all the people that deserve our thanks for giving of their time and talent to make our lives better.

Wishing all of our riders, employees, and neighbors a happy and joyful Thanksgiving.

Thank you.

Fred Fontana
Director, GWTA