We Are a Team

GWTA DirectorPlease take a moment to watch the video that Bob Dively allowed us to record. The video is on our site, under Visuals. Click here to get there!

Bob spoke kindly about how GWTA has made a difference in his life. His words remind us of the importance that each GWTA employee plays in making something that seems so simple, like making a trip, run smoothly.

The process is truly a team effort. It begins with the human resources and operations manager hiring and training the drivers. The new hire goes through a thorough criminal and driving background check as well as pass a drug screen and DOT physical.

The next part of the process involves the reservationist, who must properly record the trip information. The name, address of pick up and drop off, requested time, and how the trip will be paid for must be entered into the scheduling software database properly. The scheduler must carefully assign the trip to a driver, keeping in mind how long the trip will take, how many other passengers are on the vehicle, and any special needs of the rider. All this is done prior to the day of the actual trip.

On the trip day, the dispatcher must check to see that the assigned driver has all the necessary information to make the trip. The driver must pre-trip the vehicle, making sure that all the safety equipment and the vehicle are operating properly. Finally, the driver then gets the list of passengers to pick up and must make sure that each rider is transported from their pick up point to their drop off point in a safe, timely, and courteous manner.

It has been said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The GWTA chain is indeed very strong, with each link performing his or her job skillfully.

Thank you to all our GWTA employees! We are a team, focused on getting our riders where they need to go, on time and safely.

Thank you.

Fred Fontana
Director, GWTA