We Are Listening

GWTA DirectorHappy New Year to all our riders, friends, and your families from the GWTA staff!

In 2017, GWTA will continue to listen to our riders. Last spring, GWTA conducted a customer satisfaction survey. Among other questions, we asked for suggestions on how to improve the fixed route and van service to make it more convenient for the riders. You asked us to create a multi-ride ticket that could be used instead of having exact fare on each trip. As a result, GWTA started selling an 11-Ride Ticket for $10.00 in July. Thank you for making this suggestion a resounding success.

You also asked us to extend bus service later in the evenings. At their December 5th meeting, the Goldsboro City Council agreed to extend service on three routes until 8:30 pm, on a trial basis. This will add another two hours to the Blue, Purple, and Green routes beginning on February 6. The trial will be for three months, and will be in effect Monday through Friday. The extended service is an excellent chance to take care of early evening errands, shop longer, work longer, or visit friends and family longer.

We are extending hours on these routes on a trial basis, to see how many riders use the service in the evenings. Please take advantage of this opportunity. If we don’t have riders, we may not be able to continue with the extended service. Let’s make this worthy suggestion a great success also!

We have scheduled the next customer satisfaction survey for the second week in March. Keep your suggestions coming! GWTA is listening and will continue to listen throughout 2017 and beyond.

We send sincere wishes for a blessed, healthy, and prosperous year for you!

Thank you.

Fred Fontana
Director, GWTA