We Are Most Grateful

GWTA DirectorThe Director’s Corner this time is not about GWTA. It is about something much more important and meaningful to all of us.

May is one of my favorite months of the year. The weather has finally changed to mostly warm and sunny days. The humidity has not yet become unbearable. It is possible to sleep with the windows open and enjoy the cool night breezes.

May is also the time of the year when we honor our mothers. We are all grateful for the woman or women in our lives that raised us, molded us, wiped our noses and other places, taught us right from wrong, and made sure that we were loved. For many this precious lady may not have been our biological mother. It may have been a grandmother, aunt, sister, teacher, or neighbor that cared for and about us.

As Mother’s Day on May 13 approaches, please take time to thank the person that made a difference in your life. If that person is no longer with us, remember them in your prayers and thoughts. Tell them that you love them.

Love you mom!

Fred Fontana
Director, GWTA