We Are Your Freedom

GWTA DirectorAt GWTA often the tagline “We Are Your Freedom” is used to describe one important benefit of riding the vans and buses. It provides freedom of access to work, doctor appointments, shopping and other quality of life activities. The word “freedom” also brings to mind images of patriotism and the freedom all of us share as Americans.

Another use of the word “freedom” is contained in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of safety. The dictionary defines safety as the freedom from harm and danger. At GWTA we take that definition of safety seriously. Safety of our passengers, employees, and the general public has always been one of our primary missions. Our employees participate in safety and retraining meetings monthly to reinforce this idea.

GWTA is proud of our safety record. We cannot be prouder of the award given by the North Carolina Public Transportation Association at their annual meeting in June. GWTA was recognized as the Safest Small Urban Transit System in the state of North Carolina for 2014. I personally thank all the drivers, staff, and my predecessors for creating and maintaining this safety culture.

The phrase “We Are Your Freedom” truly has many meanings.

Fred Fontana
Director, GWTA