We Are Your Gateway to New Adventures!

GWTA DirectorThe summer season is winding down. School is starting. Soon the leaves will be turning colors and falling off the trees. Fall marks the end of a period of enjoying outdoor activities and the beginning of a new period of change ahead. Fall is also a good time to reflect on how we do things and consider making changes to our own daily routines.

GWTA provides access to many positive life changing activities. Considering going back to school and starting a new career or finishing a degree that only needs a few more credits? The Green route goes directly to Wayne Community College. Three stops serve the campus. Van service is available daily to Mount Olive University. Cost from anywhere in Wayne County to UMO is only $5.00.

Perhaps, as I have, some of you have gained a little extra weight during the summer and want to lose it or start a new exercise program. The Blue route takes you to the YMCA. Sign up for an exercise class. Go for a swim or shoot some hoops at the W. A. Foster Center. The Purple route will take you there. There are many healthy activities offered at the Herman Park Center. The Blue route goes there. Goshen Medical Culture Center offers fitness classes at their location on US 70. Try a ride on the Red route.

Interested in doing more reading? Get on the Blue route to the Goldsboro Library or take a van to the libraries in Mount Olive, Fremont, or Pikeville. There are many activities taking place in these libraries. You can learn more about computers and job skills or enjoy a good book to read on a fall day.

Seniors, tired of staying at home staring at the tv? The perfect places to go in Goldsboro and Mount Olive are the Senior Centers. You can enjoy fellowship, make new friends, or have a nutritional meal at both locations. The Peggy Seegars Senior Center in Goldsboro, where you can also get tax tips or have insurance issues resolved, is conveniently located on the Yellow and Blue routes. The vans will take you to both locations if you are physically unable to get on a bus or the bus is not available in your area.

No excuses! Now is the time to start doing something different. GWTA bus or van service can be your gateway to new adventures!

Thank you.

Fred Fontana
Director, GWTA