We Have Heard

GWTA DirectorThank you to all the riders who participated in the annual customer satisfaction survey held during the week of April 2. We heard from you about what GWTA is doing right, what we could do better, and what you would like us to do in the future. Many of your suggestions from prior years have been implemented. For example, you requested extended bus hours and that was done. This year, as always, we wanted to know your thoughts on our four basic focus areas: safety, cleanliness, courtesy, and on-time performance.

This year’s survey results are similar to prior years. GWTA is most proud of our safety record. Safety is always our number one consideration. Overall, 99% of the riders feel safe on the vehicles. Less than 5% of the riders feel unsafe at the bus stops.

Cleanliness is also important to us. 93% of respondents feel the vehicles are clean and 72% feel the bus stops are clean. Drivers are being encouraged to inform the office when stops or shelters need cleaning. Custodial staff will be sent out immediately to clean these areas. 87% tell us that the transfer center and its restrooms are clean. This is always a challenge and will continue to be a high priority.

GWTA is proud that only 1% of the riders are dissatisfied with driver courtesy and friendliness. Only 2% stated that the drivers were not helpful. Driver and staff courtesy has been one of my major goals since taking over as director in 2014.

Finally, one of the areas needing attention is on-time performance. Only 75% of bus and van riders are satisfied with on-time performance. Sometimes, traffic conditions, weather, or accidents affect this measure. However, efforts are being made to make sure the drivers leave the transfer center as on-time as possible. We need to do a better job explaining what on-time performance is on the van side. Actually, our on-time performance is 95%. On-time performance is measured in terms of the passenger drop off time; however, riders think about it in terms of their pick-up time. This question will also be reworded next year to explain it better.

Overall, our riders have given GWTA a 92% approval rating. While this is good, we aim to do better. Let us know what GWTA can do to improve your ride. We are always listening. Your voice will be heard.

Thank you.

Fred Fontana
Director, GWTA