What the community means to GWTA

GWTA DirectorThe Goldsboro and Wayne County communities are the lifeblood of GWTA.  The communities provide both the financial and human resources necessary for GWTA to operate.  The communities consist of riders and non-riders.  GWTA is supported primarily through funding from the City of Goldsboro, Wayne County and the agencies that use our service.  Many of the residents may never ride GWTA but recognize the freedom and opportunities that are generated by the existence of the transportation service.

The core riders represent the diversity that is the foundation of Goldsboro and Wayne County.  This diversity is represented by the senior citizens participating in programs at the Peggy M. Seegars Senior Center, students attending classes at Wayne Community College, special men and women developing skills at the Wayne Opportunity Center, employees working at the Mount Olive Pickle plant, parents accompanying their children to medical appointments, and many others.

The communities are the heart of “We are your Gateway.”  GWTA is extremely appreciative of their ongoing support and participation.

Fred Fontana
Director, GWTA