Team Recognition

Our GWTA Veterans

  • Kenneth Abel – United States Army
  • Rick Carr – United States Air Force
  • Ed Coley – United States Army
  • Ronald Coley – United States Army
  • Rodger Green – United States Air Force
  • Ed Jones – United States Army
  • Harry McClarin – United States Navy
  • Ronnie McClary – United States Army
  • Welling Lee Sutton – United States Army

2021 NCPTA Transit Advocate Award

Don Willis receiving award

Congratulations to Goldsboro-Wayne Transportation Authority Director Don Willis for receiving the 2021 NCPTA Transit Advocate Award. This award is given to individuals who have “championed the vital role public transit plays in enhancing the quality of life for our North Carolina citizens.” Willis said he has his GWTA team to thank. “I could not be doing some of the things I’m getting this award for without the people here,” he said.

Operators of the Year 2020-2021

Ed Jones receiving award from GWTA Chairman Shycole Simpson-Carter
Bus Operator of the Year 2020-2021
“I have enjoyed driving for GWTA. I have made many friends and will miss you all through my retirement.”

Rodigues Butler receiving award from GWTA Chairman Shycole Simpson-Carter
Van Operator of the Year 2020-2021
“I love working at GWTA because of the joy I get to see on my passengers’ faces when I assist them.”

Operators of the Quarter

Tim McCoy
Tim McCoy
Urban Bus Driver
12 Years of Service
“I enjoy driving and getting our passengers where they need to go.”

Evon Lassiter
Evon Lassiter
Rural Van Driver
7 Years of Service
“It is fulfilling and also a pleasure to help and assist others.”

Rodigues Butler
Rural Van Operator
9 years & 1 month of service
“I’m grateful to have the privilege to work for a company that serves the community.”

Nathan Merrit
Urban Bus Operator
9 years & 9 month of service
“I am thankful for the passengers and the staff. They make my day.”

edward jones
Edward Jones
Bus Operator
6 years & 8 months of service
“Since my first bus ride as a child, I knew that I would one day be a bus driver. In 1991 my dream came true and I love it.”

Thelma Allen
Thelma Allen
Van Operator
4 years & 1 month of service
“I’m so happy to serve the people of Goldsboro and Wayne County. It means a lot to me to provide assistance to others.”

Lynda Karpinski
Lynda Karpinski
Bus Operator
2 Years of Service

shawnette barnes
Shawnette Barnes
Van Operator
1½ Years of Service

Michael White
Michael White
Van Operator
“Driving for GWTA gives me the opportunity to meet people and to make sure they get to their appointments on time.”

Tonda Gardner
Tonda Gardner
Bus Operator
“GWTA is a place where I love to work, where we all are one big family.”

TEAM GWTA Outstanding Achievement 2011 through 2019
Safety award
GWTA received the North Carolina Department of Labor “Outstanding Work in Accident Prevention Award” for the fifth consecutive year.