Core Values

Our Core Values

Respect and Compassion: To trust the capabilities of others in the course of working with one another and in the service to the passengers. To be tolerant of individual differences and to be caring and considerate of the feelings and situations of others.

Integrity and Confidentiality: To perform our work in a professional, honest, ethical and responsible manner, respecting confidentiality when necessary.

Excellence: To provide service to passengers that exceeds their expectations while promoting professional standards, education, information exchange and innovation internally and externally while holding ourselves accountable.

Stewardship: To carefully and responsibly plan, manage and oversee resources entrusted to us by others, ensuring maximum passenger benefits.

Advocacy: To represent the needs of our passengers and influence the decisions of others through various community-wide initiatives and activities.

Communications: To convey information and ideas through open and honest exchanges with others, taking the time to fully understand what others are trying to convey.

Collaboration: To work with other persons and organizations to realize shared goals and to obtain greater resources on behalf of our passengers. To maintain trustworthy relationships.

GWTA is truly committed to improving the quality of life for our employees, passengers and our communities.